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In the small town of Amite,
Louisiana stands a
memorial which honours
those that lost their lives in
the tragedy of 9/11.
The Memorial Wall features
two steel castings, symbolic
of the World Trade Center
(WTC) towers, which were
cast at Bradken’s Amite
foundry from materials
including structural steel
salvaged from the rubble of
the WTC site.
In June 2015, representatives from
Bradken’s Amite, Louisiana foundry
(including Operations Manager David
Latner, Plant Engineer and Maintenance
Manager David Brandon, and Director of
TechnologyGlennRhoades) participated
in the rededication of the 9/11 Memorial
Wall in Coach Catha Park.
First unveiled in June 2012, the
memorial did not quite meet the original
vision of project sponsor, the Amite
Arts Council. After a review and
redesign, the wall was rededicated at a
small ceremony held three years later.
Glenn Rhoades spoke at the ceremony
on behalf of Bradken. He talked of our
involvement in the Memorial Wall
project and of Bradken’s involvement in
A Small
Town with
Big Spirit
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