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Glenn said that Bradken’s involvement
began as a standard quote for the bow
stem castings from Northrop Grumman
Ship Systems (now Huntington Ingalls
Incorporated) and that the use of the
WTC steel was not discussed until later
in the process.
“Until the WTC Steel arrived, I don’t think
anyone truly understood neither the
magnitude nor the honour of the project.
Once that sunk in all involved at the
Amite foundry felt a sense of pride that
few ever will.
“Once the steel was received, the
required quantity was set aside for the
melt heat of the bow stem. A few
remaining pieces of the steel was used in
the 911 Memorial Wall in Amite.”
On September 9, 2003 the USS New
York bow stem casting was poured at
Bradken’s Amite foundry in front of a
crowd of special guests including State
and Federal Officials, high-ranking Naval
Personnel and a host of media outlets.
“The effort by the Amite team was
monumental in preparing the facility for
all the dignitaries in attendance for the
Pour,” Glenn said.
“From 9/11 and for several years after
were very patriotic, emotional times for
America. Anyone who had anything to do
with the recovery did it with a sense of
urgency and pride.”
Glenn said
that the 9/11 Memorial Wall in Coach
Cath Park served not only as a tribute to
the victims of 9/11 and to those
Emergency Services who work to keep
the local community safe, but also as a
statement of the town’s community spirit.
“There is a lot of symbolism in the
Memorial Wall, of the tragedies of 911
and also a show of support to the
community services that are so
important; Police, Fire and Medical.
“Amite is a small but very close
community. The Bradken foundry, along
with other industry in the area, is very in-
tune to what goes on locally and we are
open to helping out where we can.
reciprocates with their support to not
only industry but also to the community
services in the area.”
Proud to Belong.
the casting of the bow stem for the
USS New York, an LDP (amphibious
transport dock) series warship, which
was also manufactured from salvaged
material from the WTC site.
The recovery process following the
9/11 terrorist attack on New York’s
Twin Towers involved the clean-up of
over 180,000 tonnes of structural
steel, most of which was sold as scrap
around the world. The last piece of
steel removed from ground zero, a nine
metre (30 foot) section of I-beam was
kept aside and flagged for use in the
building of the Navy ship.
The 9/11 Memorial Wall in Coach Catha Park, Amite.
Salvaged WTC steel is poured into a mould to form the bow stem of the USS New York.
Glenn Rhoades from Bradken speaks at the
rededication of the Memorial Wall.
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