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High in the Andes, 275 km from the country’s
capital Lima, Antamina is nestled 4,300 metres
above sea level. The open-pit operation is among
the largest Peruvian producers of copper and zinc
concentrates and one of the ten largest mines in
the world in terms of production volume. It is
owned principally by BHP (33.75%) and Glencore
South American based Sales & Marketing
Manager for the Mineral Processing Division,
Hugo Carvajal, said that Bradken’s successful
long-term relationship with Antamina has aided
in the development of our profile in the region.
“Bradken, over a ten year span, has contributed
significantly in helping Antamina achieve its
operational objectives through the supply of high
quality mill liners and differentiated products and
“Peru is a strategic growth region for Bradken
and the Company’s foot print has been extended
significantly based on its involvement and
continuous value-add supply to this customer.”
In August of this year, a team from Bradken’s
Mineral Processing Division (including
Australian based Global Product Technology
Manager Craig Faulkner, Product Development
Engineer Christian Moreno from our Santiago,
Chile office and Julio Aguilar, Bradken’s
Regional Sales Manager based in Lima) assisted
in an important maintenance shutdown at
Antamina to oversee the first ever Bradken
Bullnose Discharge Cone installation to take
place in the country.
The Bradken team worked alongside the
Antamina maintenance crew around the clock
for three days to ensure the correct installation
of the Bullnose into the SAG mill. The fit was
perfect and the customer was very pleased with
Bradken’s hands on supervision of this
particular project.
Bradken’s Bullnose is expected to achieve 24
months in service at Antamina due to the
product’s superior design, particularly in high
wear areas. This is double the service life that
the mine was getting from previous competitor
“The installation of the Bullnose at Antamina is
of strategic importance to Bradken because
success at this site will open the entire
Peruvian and Chilean markets for this
differentiated Bradken product,” Hugo said.
The Antamina Bullnose campaign is expected to
conclude in mid-August 2017 with favourable
Anta ina
Bradken Bullnose Discharge Cone.
L-R: Cristian Moreno, Craig Faulkner and Julio Aguilar at the conclusion of the installation.
Regional Overview
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