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optimised for minimum mass as the
MBTA infrastructure is limited to
maximum vehicle weight.
Wolf Reimann, Design Engineering
Manager for Bradken’s US based
Industrial Products Business said
that the project was a great win for
the Engineered Products Division
and for Bradken as we continue to
build our reputation in North America
and into the global Rail industry.
“This is an exciting project for our
design team, especially having been
chosen in favour of other North
American foundries and as an
alternative to fabricated trucks.”
The experience and expertise
gained from producing lighter
thinner walled castings for this
project will further position us as a
differentiated supplier to domestic
and international Rail and Transit
Work on an initial group of 16
subassemblies will begin at
Bradken’s Atchison foundry in 3Q16.
These will be shipped to Changchun,
China by the end of 2016 for use on
six Orange Line pilot cars. The
remaining assemblies will ship to
CNR at a new manufacturing facility
to be built in Springfield, MA where
final assembly of the full order of
cars will take place. Bradken’s final
delivery is expected to ship in late
Bradken's scope of supply – structural
subassemblies consisting of truck frame and bolster
castings, sidebearings, center pin bushings and
pedestal tiebars
The Red and Orange
Lines are two of the four
rapid transit subway
lines of the
Massachusetts Bay
Transportation Authority
(Boston). The Orange
Line extends from
Forest Hills in the south
to Oak Grove in the
north. The Red Line runs
northwest to southwest
from Alewife, through
downtown Boston,
terminating at Braintree
or Ashmont.
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