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The Discharge Cone system,
located in the centre of the
discharge end of the grinding
mill, directs the ground ore
and slurry out from the mill.
The abrasive nature of this
function means durability is
a real challenge. The existing
Discharge Cone system at
Sossego was only achieving
a 9 month life cycle, which
required an additional
reline outside the normal
shutdown frequency, adding
considerable costs to the
ore processing operation. As
well, ineffective design and
poor quality control resulted
in additional delays during
installation. On several
occasions relines took 16 to
24 hours.
After analysis of the process
and wear data gathered
from site visits, a customised
Bradken Bullnose was
Vale’s Sossego mine in the Brazilian state of Pará is set to have
substantial cost savings, thanks to the installation of Bradken’s
Discharge Cone system in its 38ft SAG mill.
This is the first Bullnose to be installed in South America.
success in
designed to double wear life
to 18 months, improve ease
of installation, reduce time
and increase safety.
The special design features
built into the Bullnose
include cast installation lugs
for manoeuverability and
keys to ensure the cones
can be positioned more
easily. With these design
elements providing more
effective handling of the mill
components, safety has also
been substantially enhanced.
Manufactured at Bradken’s
Adelaide foundry, the
Bullnose was shipped
to Brazil in time for the
scheduled reline at Sossego.
Overseen by Bradken
representatives, installation
met all expectations.
Assembly of the Bullnose
was achieved in an
impressive 8 hours, half the
Lined up, ready to go. Bradken Bullnose Discharge cones
manufactured in Adelaide, destined for the Vale Sossego
mine in Brazil.
Bradken Bullnose Discharge Cone system installed in the 38’ SAG mill.
time allocated for the process
and representing a time saving
to the site of 8 plus hours. The
special design features worked
perfectly, ensuring installation
went without a hitch.
With an estimated life of 18
months, the projected cost
savings to the customer over
the life of the Bullnose at the
Sossego mine is considerable.
Um grande resultado!
(A great result!)
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