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Wodonga describes implementing the first
three steps in Bradken’s 21 Step Safety Plan...
3 step
move to a
safer workplace
Indentify Risks and Hazards
The hazard identification phase of the 21 Step Safety Plan uncovered several areas where our current
plant and equipment were not fully compliant with regulations and standards. Unguarded machines
were among the major issues highlighted during this process.
We formed groups to review the areas that needed guards and to assess the risks relating to each
guard. The information was compiled using ORA (Observation, Recommendations & Actions) forms
and priorities set to focus on the high risk areas.
We designed complying guarding and calculated the cost of fabrication, supply and installation of our
designs. Given the size and complexity of the project, we produced a CAPEX submission to gain the
necessary funding.
globaleyes / edition 1
Indentify Safe Behaviour
With the new controls in place risk ratings were reassessed and behavioural observations set up to
see whether these new guarding measures had been accepted and used by all employees. Our initial
observations found some operators were not using the guards, especially where new guards had
been installed.
We conducted training for the operators, emphasising the need for all guarding to be in place and
secure before the equipment is started. This behaviour is closely monitored on an ongoing basis.
Indentify Legal Compliance Requirements
Since providing a safe work
place is a clear legal responsibility, the machine guarding project is ongoing.
As we modify plant and equipment to meet the demands of our workflow, we must also keep reviewing
all guarded areas to make sure we continue to meet required regulations and standards.
At Bradken, safety compliance is a minimum requirement, so our aim is to improve the safety of our
plant and equipment wherever possible.
Guarding innovations put in place as a result of Steps 1, 2 and 3.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3