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Throughout our long and
impressive history, Bradken
has had a number of name
changes and made many
corporate acquisitions, the
result of which is the strong
and proud company we are
today. After Bradken listed
on the Australian Stock
Exchange in August 2004, all
previous company and trading
names were deregistered and
the Australian trading and
manufacturing operations of
Bradken were consolidated
under one Legal Entity
called Bradken Resources
Pty Limited, a wholly owned
subsidiary of the public
company, Bradken Limited.
Since then, our corporate
structure has grown and
developed into a multi-national
The trade mark of Bradken
Limited and all other subsidiary
companies of Bradken Limited
(collectively the Bradken
Group), is “Bradken” and this
should be used in all published
and printed material, along with
our Company Logo.
Of course, as always there are
exceptions, but mostly these
are limited to formal and legal
documentation, i.e. the name
of the appropriate Legal Entity
(e.g. in Australia it is in most
cases, but not always, Bradken
Resources Pty Limited) is
required on legally enforceable
documents such as Powers
of Attorney, Purchase Orders,
Sale Contracts and their terms
and conditions, Confidentiality
Agreements, Sales Invoices
and Financial Statements.
The registered Legal Entity
and Australian based parent
company, Bradken Limited,
also owns operating and
other holding and non-trading
companies registered in
Australia, the United States
and elsewhere throughout the
world. All these are referred to
as Bradken unless otherwise
required for regulatory, financial
or other legal reasons. No-one
other than Bradken Executive
Management and Bradken
Corporate Finance teams
should have a need to use or
refer to these Legal Entities.
Bradken’s operating division
and business names set
up within the corporate
business structure are for
internal business purposes
only. Brands or business
names such as Bradken
Mining Products, Bradken
Rail, Bradken Atlas, Bradken
Engineered Products, etc.,
which might lead to confusion
in the market place should
not be used under any
circumstances. The correct
terminology is “Bradken,
Mining Products division” or
“Bradken’s Rail division”.
For reporting purposes,
businesses have been
established within Divisions.
They are not legal entities
or legally registered trading
names and must not be
referred to as such, e.g.
Bradken Crawler Systems,
Bradken Energy, etc as this
is incorrect terminology. The
correct nomenclature to be
used is “Bradken’s Crawler
Systems business”, “Bradken,
Energy business”, or simply
In short,
we are one
company; we are Bradken
and must be promoted as such
externally to all stakeholders.
The one exception to the above
is CMS, Bradken’s Foundry
supply division, as a division
who are a separate operating
company and legal entity within
the Bradken Group.
For a full overview of how
each division or business
should be referenced, please
refer to
Section 1.8
of the
Bradken Styleguide
. If you
Use ME Everyday
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are in doubt as to the correct
application of the company’s
registered business names,
please contact the Company
Secretary for advice.
How do I find
the Bradken
Simple, it’s located on
BradNet, the Bradken
Intranet site, under
the heading –
“Use ME Everyday”.