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CMS is Bradken’s foundry
supply business a respected
supplier of raw materials,
consumables and technology
to the molten metal
industries, primarily
foundries, steelworks and
smelters in Australia with a
growing customer base
around the world.
CMS like all other Bradken
businesses are focused on
the development of products
which provide value to its
customers and hence a
differentiation in the
marketplace. Following are
two examples of how
Bradken has recently
provided such differentiation:
Differentiation through
Service and Safety:
When a foundry business’
usual supplier of resin was
unable to supply, threatening
to cause a serious disruption
to the foundry’s coremaking
schedule, CMS stepped in to
help. Within 6 hours of the
‘can you help?’ call, CMS
not only arranged delivery
of a newly formulated resin,
Carbophen, but also had
technical expert Mark
Dawson on site to set up the
new process. Not only was a
serious production disruption
averted but the safety
advantages of the
Carbophen resin was a much
better option for the customer.
Carnophen is carbon dioxide
gas cured, instead of a more
hazardous process based
on the volatile methyl formate
which has a higher risk
of injury.
Differentiation through
Safety Innovation and
Casting Quality:
Not only can CMS save the
production schedule they
also offer innovative new
product that Safety Managers
really appreciate. The OHS
benefits and quality
enhancements that are likely
outcomes of the CMS
Zirflow WCC are being
commended by all. Zirflow
Pink to yellow: It’s much easier to see when cores are ready if they are coated with CMS Zirflow WCC, which changes colour as it dries.
is a water-based refractory
coating that changes colour
as it dries. The colour change
is an important safety
innovation for the casting
process. When molten metal
hits a wet core it can cause
an explosion. And since dry
cores have a lower gas
content than when wet, and
the higher the gas content
the greater the chance the
casting won’t meet the
required quality standards,
knowing for sure when a
core is dry also translates
into a lower reject rate. The
Zirflow-coated cores also
revert to their original colour
The colour
change is an
important safety
innovation for
the casting
hits a wet core
it can cause an
if they become wet again, a
very valuable safety indicator.
The Zirflow resin helps
ensure safer work practices
and better quality castings
and is now being used
successfully in a number
of Bradken and external
What’s next?
team has high hopes for the
success of a new bentonite
product, CMS Superior
Bond, currently
undergoing testing.
In the meantime, the
innovative ideas keep