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This edition was brought to your with contributions from:
Mark Dawson, Steve Hall, Cathy Hewett, Gary Lewis, Steve Gear,
Carey Mathes, James Sulzberger, David Chesterfield,
Wayne Herbertson, Wayne Braun, Michelle Fragar, Manyi Zhang,
Ray Jacques, Dave Caldwell, Paul Velecky, Greg Chaplin.
Toni Lennard – Rubicon Point
Michelle Fragar
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Registered Trademarks
Vortex is a ® trademark of Bradken Resources Pty Limited of Australia.
Barrick is a ® trademark of Barrick Gold Corporation of Canada.
Newcrest is a ® trademark of Newcrest Mining Limited of Australia.
Xstrata is a ® trademark of Xstrata Plc. of England.
SPX is a ® trade mark of SPX Corporation Inc of the United States of America.
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United States of America.
CEO Message
The first six months of this financial year saw the Mining
and Capital Products businesses recovered strongly
from the GFC. Reporting an increase in sales and
profitability. Bradken is experiencing increased activity
with significant growth and expansion taking place
in many of the major mining regions throughout the
world. The Company is experiencing steady growth
in employment levels and associated with this growth
it is important that we all remain aware of our safe
working practices. The Bradken 21Step Safety Plan is
an integral part of the protection of our people and it is
only with your help that we can continue to improve our
enviable safety record.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
(Top) L–R: Neal Brindley (Account Manager), Dave Kostitch (Customer Service Co-ordinator) and Stuart Stolz (Regional Sales Manager)
make up the Mineral Processing team based in Orange.
(Above) Introducing and welcoming the newest Bradken team from Orange.
With Newcrest
’s massive Cadia gold and
copper operations just out of town, and
Northparkes’ gold and copper mine and
’s Cowal gold operations not too far
‘down the track’, the NSW central west town
of Orange is an ideal location for Bradken.