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33°17 S 149°06 E / 33.283°S 149.1°E / -33.283; 149.1
863.2 m (2,832 ft)
254 km (158 mi) from Sydney
Orange is the birthplace of poets Banjo Paterson and
Kenneth Slessor, and entertainer Murray Cook (Red) from
the Wiggles.
Known For
Great wines, apples, pears and ironically not oranges.
Mount Canobolas; at an altitude of 1,395 m (4,577 ft)
In an exciting development, the
Southern Hemisphere’s largest
SAG mill, a 40
giant operated
at the Cadia mine site, is
interested in fitting a Bradken-
supplied Super Vortex
Discharge End to increase
throughput from 13 million
tonnes per annum currently to
an estimated 20 million tonnes
per annum, ramping up over
the next five years. As a large,
low grade ore body and one
of the largest open pit gold-
copper mines in Australia,
Cadia employs bulk mining
and treatment techniques to
achieve economies of scale.
According to Regional Sales
Manager, Stuart Stolz, the
areas serviced from Orange
are dynamic and technically
challenging, and offer plenty
of opportunities for Bradken.
“Our focus here is to provide a
conveniently-located support
hub from which we can help
enhance our customers’
productivity with services such
as wear monitoring, as well
as acting as their advocates
when it comes to customising
products for site specific
requirements,” said Stuart.
With sales representation from
all businesses in the Mining
Products Division and Metal
Recycling, our sales team is
fully supporting the product
needs of its customers.
But how could we
improve our offering?
Expand our Field
Services capabilities to
manage our complete product
lifecycle, cradle to grave! To
achieve this, in October 2010
Bradken purchased Materix
Engineering Pty Ltd, a mining
services business that offers
a full range of metal fabrication
services, specialising in
the design, manufacture,
maintenance and repair of
mining and earth moving
The business’s operations
include an engineering
workshop, fully equipped
mobile service units for site
repairs and shut downs as well
as machine and labour hire.
This field service capability
further extends Bradken’s
service capabilities in Orange
and its surrounding regions.
A Bradken Bullnose being installed in Cadia Mine in Orange
Annual Rainfall
26 – 0°C
884.5 mm
78 – 32°F
34.8 in
“With some of our key
customers planning major
expansion to their existing
operations, we are
determined to be on the spot
and equipped with a strong
positive track record with
them, to give us the best
opportunities to grow our
sales,” he said.
That’s gold!
Orange Fact Sheet:
There’s gold
in them thar
Orange hills!