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Bradken Duanuts are available in a range of sizes, with the option of a full backing
plate (shown right) or with a customer specific drilled hole (shown left).
Account Manager Gary Lewis based in Mt Isa, QLD, Australia with
the Duanuts before they went into trial.
The scene:
Wear Plate & Block sales conference, late 2009.
The mission:
Decide which new product concepts to develop and market.
The decision:
Green light Duanut!
The challenge:
Spread the Duanut word to all prospective customers.
Bradken’s Wear Plate and
Block business recently
developed a range of
Duanuts, responding to
customer requests for a
product that can protect bolt
heads in fixed or mobile plant
from excessive wear.
Bradken Duanuts, which
comprise white iron wear-
resistant castings brazed to a
mild steel backing plate of the
same shape, are designed to
be welded around a nut or
bolt head to protect it from
wearing away. The benefits
are two-fold: the function of
the bolt is maintained, plus
bolts protected with Duanuts
can be removed more easily.
The Duanut design achieves
additional weld strength,
arising from the ability to
have both internal and
external perimeter welds.
And because they also allow
for attachment methods
other than welding and are
available in a range of sizes
and thicknesses, Duanuts suit
a wide range of situations
and customer requirements.
For example, a Duanut can
perform as a ‘mini rock box’.
When welded onto a bucket
or chute the cavities in the
Duanuts fill up with ore. This
results in ore to ore wear,
which is much less damaging
than if the ore hits the white
iron directly.
Gary Lewis at the Mt Isa
facility talks about the first
trial of the product, fitted in
the SAG mill operated at the
Copper Concentrator.
“When we got our stock of
Duanuts we started showing
them to all our customers and
most showed interest in the
new product. The mechanical
maintenance supervisor
from the Xstrata Copper
Concentrator enquired about
a ‘Bolt on Version’. Their
problem was protection of
the heads of the 16 bolts that
hold the discharge trumpet in
place inside their SAG mill.
Mill cup washers had been
used in the past but offered
little protection. A brainstorm
on-site came up with the
idea of manufacturing some
of the BD100 (70)x35D70
Duanuts with a full backing
plate. The crew at Mt Isa was
then able to drill these to suit
the M25 bolt that Xstrata
Copper currently uses. This
means the head of the bolt
would hold the Duanut in
place while the white iron
surrounding the bolt head
would protect it from wear.”
From reports so far, the trial
has been a success. Since
fitment during the October
shutdown, with around 460
tonnes/hour feed going
through the mill the Duanuts
are still performing well. They
will be monitored again at the
next shutdown in February
to determine a forecast life.
Our customer is extremely
pleased with the performance
of the Duanut and is in the
process of having the BD100
(70)x35D70FB (Full Backing
plate with a 28mm hole)
made a store stocked item.
If this positive response is
any indication, converting
other customers to the
benefits of Duanut should be
a snap for our talented sales
team and we look forward to
sharing news of our success
in future issues.