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report their condition to our
customer. These condition
reports have been a strong
testimonial for our products
and were helpful in our
discussions with Cape Preston
for the supply of crawler shoes
for their RH400 mining shovels.
The RH400 is a 980-tonne
machine, currently the largest
hydraulic mining shovel
available in the world. We
are happy to report that Cape
Preston has placed an order
with us for a full set of RH400
crawler shoes.
This is a new product line for
Bradken, and we are grateful
to Cape Preston for the
cooperation shown to our
product engineers and
designers in giving them
access to the mine site
and giving us the “voice
of the customer”.
Once fitted, our RH400
crawler shoes will be trialed
and tested in some of the
toughest mining conditions
in the world.
Once fully
operational, Cape
Preston, located in
the Pilbara region
of Western Australia,
will be the largest
magnetite iron ore
mine in Australia.
Owned by Chinese mining
giant CITIC Pacific Mining, the
Cape Preston site has some
of the largest hydraulic mining
shovels and mining trucks
available anywhere in the world.
Bradken has been a key
supplier to this site since its
inception and we are proud to
supply the Bradken Evolution
crawler shoe fitted to the
mine’s Terex
RH170 back hoe.
This machine has been used
extensively in site preparation
work and the establishment
of a mining pit, as well as
production mining.
But one of the toughest jobs
this machine has been put to
was the building of a sea wall
extending some kilometres into
the ocean to allow large iron
ore vessels to berth for loading.
The RH170 was put to work
in a rock quarry. Because of
the nature of a sea wall built in
a high cyclone risk area, rocks
of various sizes, ranging from
the size of a football to that of
a small car, are common. As
a result, the blasting pattern is
quite different to that used in
mining and the resulting pit
floor conditions, or in this case
quarry floor conditions, are
very rough.
Together with the extremely
hard nature of the Granite-type
rock, it is very taxing on the
undercarriage of the machine,
with any weakness in the chain
risking track separation,
leaving the 400 tonne
machine immobile.
Even before the RH170 was
moved from the mining pit
area to the rock quarry, it
was known that the standard
Terex crawler shoe fitted to
the machine was not up to the
demands of the job ahead of it.
From previous discussions
with Cape Preston’s
Maintenance Advisor, we
knew that Bradken’s RH170
Evolution crawler shoe was
the undercarriage that was
needed for top performance
in the extreme application
that lay ahead.
The Bradken Evolution crawler
shoes were ordered and fitted
to the machine prior to the long
walk to the quarry area. During
the 12-month sea wall build,
the Bradken crawler shoes
performed flawlessly. The
RH170 machine has now
returned to mining work and
the Bradken crawler shoes
are still performing strongly.
A component of our product
support is to attend site on a
regular basis to monitor the
condition of our parts and