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Registered Trademarks
CITIC Pacific is a trademark of CITIC Pacific Limited.
Curtis-Wright is a trademark of the Curtis-Wright Corporation.
CEO Message
As a global foundry and heavy engineering company, Bradken
understands the importance of providing a solid foundation
for the education and training of graduates in a range of
specialist disciplines.
2011 is a milestone year for Bradken’s Metallurgical
Undergraduate Scholarship Program, with our first three
students entering their final year of studies.
Bradken works collaboratively
with two universities, Wollongong
University (Australia) and Hanan
University (China), to tailor courses
that best meet the needs of the
foundry industry and help secure the
Company’s future technical skills.
With the current shortage of
metallurgists, it is our responsibility
to ensure the bright young minds
of tomorrow are educated in the complex and
challenging field of metallurgy, ensuring our future as a market
leader through our world class foundry processes.
As Bradken continues to grow and expand its manufacturing
capabilities, we look forward to further developing our
relationship with other educational associations and
faculties throughout the world.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
What is an
INVESTMENT CASTING is an industrial
process based (also called lost-wax casting)
– on of the oldest known metal-forming
techniques. From 5,000 years ago, when
beeswax formed the pattern, to today’s high-
technology waxes, refractory materials and
specialist alloys, the castings allow the
production of components with accuracy,
repeatability, versatility and integrity in a
variety of metals and high-performance alloys.
This method can produce complicated shapes
that would be difficult or impossible with die
casting, yet like that process, it requires little
surface finishing and only minor machining.
Investment casting is used with almost any
castable metal; however aluminium alloys,
copper alloys, and steel are the most common.
In industrial usage the size limits are 3g (0.1oz)
to about 5kg (11lb). The cross-sectional limits
are 0.6mm (0.024in) to 75mm (3.0in).
Excellent surface finish
High dimensional accuracy
Extremely intricate parts are castable
Almost any metal can be cast
No flash or parting lines