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Paul Ferguson and his wife Diane at their son’s wedding.
Paul Ferguson Salsa dancing
About the man
out of work
Happily married to
Diane for 32 years – two great
sons Shane and Cameron
(the latter also works at the
Runcorn Foundry); daughter-
in-law Linzee – who blessed
us with two gorgeous
granddaughters, Harmony
and Lacee.
Random Fact
– I was a
singer in my younger days
and performed on television
three times.
Paul’s thoughts
on winning The
Bradken Award
I find it hard to put it down
into the written word what this
award means to me. Face to
face however, is a different
matter, although you wouldn’t
have known it on the night. It
was one of the few times in
my life that I have been lost for
words. It was both humbling
and overwhelming.
This award means so much
to me – but more importantly
– it reminded me that whilst it
only bears one name – it can’t
be won by an individual like
myself without being shared
by a group of anonymous
people who have supported,
guided and challenged me
over the years. These people
(too many to mention) have
helped me because – that’s
the Bradken way. I didn’t get
a sense on the night that
this was some sort of grand
award for my achievements
as I think that there are more
worthy recipients in this great
company who have achieved
much more than I could ever
dream of.
What I did get however, was
a sense of celebration, for the
Bradken spirit, its culture and
its values. I would be lying if I
didn’t say that my heart was
close to bursting with pride the
moment Brian announced my
name. Some people say that I
am still on Cloud Nine. But it is
a moment that will stay with me
forever. In my position I am very
lucky to be able speak with a
diverse range of people in our
company, and whether they are
from the shop floor or upper
management – from regions
within Australia or overseas, I
get to see the Bradken culture
breaking down the barriers and
coming through loud and clear.
“We have an executive group
with great vision, an upper
management with great
courage, we have a great
future, we have great facilities
and products and we have
great ideas for the future. But
most importantly we have a
great culture driven by great
people. That’s you and me.”
Paul Ferguson
– Paul only has
one real hobby and that is
an absolute passion for Latin
dancing – Salsa, Bachata
and Zouk.