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It is this feature that
distinguishes the PA inspection
from conventional ultrasonic
because of the
ability to steer the
angle and focal
point of the sound
beam in a
direction rather
than only having one beam angle
and relying on this to hit the
correct angle of incidence. With
this capability the operator can
use the equipment to look
at particular areas of the
components from another
angle or multiple angles.
The Olympus Omniscan MX
used at the Bradken Runcorn
facility is the Rolls Royce of PA
equipment and has provided
much added value to the facility
by complementing our
radiographic, conventional
UT and magnetic particle
The use of this equipment also
works well with the already well-
established solidification
software and can be
used to confirm the
results obtained from
method reviews.
It is the computer
interface with the
fast operating
system that allows for a rapid
change in the inspection
parameters and repeatability of
a wide range of cast products.
The on-board hard drive also
allows for real-
time inspection
to be stored for
later reference.
This in
with the pre-and
software makes
the technology extremely
versatile and expandable.
Bradken has only just
The concept of Phased
Array (PA) was first
developed back in 1905
and was first made
available to the industrial
sector in the early
1980s. Since this time,
PA has been gaining
ground rapidly in the
engineering industry.
Phased Array ultrasonics is an
advanced method of ultrasonic
testing that has applications in
industrial non-destructive
testing. When applied to metals
testing, PA images show a slice
view that reveals defects hidden
inside a casting, weld or other
metallic object.
The main feature of PA
ultrasonic technology is the
computer controlled excitation of
individual piezoelectric elements
in a multi element transducer.
When the excitation begins the
transducer emits a wavefront
that can be controlled through
the excitation sequencing of
these elements.
scratched the surface of the
technology’s ability, and has
been working closely with
Olympus and academic
organisations throughout the
development process.
Unique inspection techniques
can and have been developed
using the instrument, software
and expertise of the operators
to give Bradken a definite
edge over the competition by
providing a greater level of
confidence in the quality of
Bradken products.