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Ceramic lined product chute in Hope Downs Mine site (WA).
Ceramic lined wall in the lower chute at BHP Nelson Point.
This edition was brought to you with contributions from:
Industrial Products – Wayne Braun, CMS – Paul Sloman, Crawler Shoes
– Sam Hunt, GET and Buckets – Tim McGilchrist and Adam Johnstone,
Environment – Greg Chaplin, Rail – Keith Hannan , Technology – Keiran
Mendoza, HR – Wayne Herbertson, Safety 21 Steps – Gareth Pargin,
Fixed Plant – Cathy Hewett, Award winner – Kitty Marriott.
Maryanne Church – Enigma
Michelle Fragar
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CEO Message
Let me start the issue by drawing your attention to the quality
and diversity of what is being achieved at Bradken.
Whether it was the strong and swift response to the GFC,
creation of our own GET, Buckets and Rigging products, the
bold capital expansion plans or the recent leadership training
some young executives took, Bradken people are actively
creating the company’s future.
We could all sit back and expect somebody to fix it but that
doesn’t happen here, or in life. You can see the tangible benefits
of the contributions of many people throughout the business
advancing our company at a great rate.
With our company values close at hand and working in teams
we can make significant progress in these challenging economic
times. That said I’d like to thank each and every member of the
Bradken team for their contributions.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO