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Engineering expertise at
Bradken has seen a seven-
part Caterpillar bulldozer
case now being
manufactured as a single,
stronger component
weighing just over half its
original mass.
Fabricated for the D11
Caterpillar, the case is
produced in North America
by Bradken, with the casting
completed in Kansas and
machining (semi-finished)
at the Missouri facility.
In 1992, the case consisted of
seven separate castings and
numerous fabrications and was
due for a design improvement.
Business Development
(Industrial Products) Director,
Wayne Braun said the new
casting was highly complex, but
resulted in a more cost-effective,
efficient and robust product.
“Not only does the case now
have far less potential for
error, as a single piece,
it’s stronger,” CAT National
Account Manager, Malcom L
Griffin said.
The D11 Caterpillar is a large
bulldozer, used predominantly
in the mining industry and
also widely used in large
landfill operations.
Bradken produces more than
350 cases for the D11 and
more than 500 for the D10,
every year, with that number
expected to increase annually
over the next three years.
The case is cast and
machined by Bradken before
being sent to Caterpillar in
East Peoria, Illinois, where it
becomes the first part of the
production assembly process.
The improved case design
was a significant example
of Bradken’s unique
ability to provide value
and improved product
performance for customers.
“Engineering expertise,
efficient design and a lean
operation have enabled us
to deliver a stronger, more
reliable and cost-effective
product to Caterpillar,”
Malcolm said.
Bradken’s engineering expertise has resulted in a significantly improved product.