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as they await the changes the
acquisition will bring.
Having been under financial
ownership for more than 10 years,
the security of Bradken’s strategic
ownership has put his workforce
greatly at ease.
“We knew that this was a long-term
arrangement,” Allan said, “There is
great career potential for the staff
and the growth potential for
Bradken overall is very exciting.”
The acquisition includes Swanmet,
a Malaysian foundry group
acquired by Norcast in 2010.
Swanmet currently manufactures
and sells wear parts into mining
and energy markets, including
Australia, and offers significant low
cost capacity for the manufacture
of mining consumables including
Crusher Liners and Ground
Engaging Tools (GET). Swanmet
will be managed through the
Australian Mineral Processing
business lead by General
Manager, Stephen Bone.
geographical expansion, creating
a truly global full service supplier
of wear products.
“There has never been a truly
global mill liner supplier, until
now” Brad said.
“We now have the opportunity to
share product design and
manufacturing expertise to create
a world’s best practice for these
product lines.”
With a Head Office in Toronto,
Canada, Norcast’s main
production facility is based in
Mont-Joli, Qubec, near the south
shore of the Saint Lawrence River.
Norcast has a proud 100 year
history in the area which will
evolve to a new level as the
Bradken name is implemented.
Executive Vice-President of
Mineral Processing Americas
(formerly Norcast), Allan Bulckaert
said that the feeling amongst the
staff and employees at Norcast’s
facilities was one of great
excitement and anticipation
The $202 million acquisition
of Canadian company Norcast
Wear Solutions in July 2011
has positioned Bradken as the
largest global supplier of cast
steel mill liners.
Combined with the existing
Mineral Processing Business,
this acquisition builds on and
significantly increases Bradken’s
presence and market share in
the world’s major mining markets,
and further strengthens an
existing worldwide sales and
distribution network.
Based on Bradken’s strong
product development focus
and Norcast’s cost leadership,
considerable synergies have
been identified between the
two companies.
Brad Ward, President of
Bradken’s Resources business in
the USA, said that the acquisition
of Norcast creates the opportunity
to combine the strengths of two
leading suppliers of critical wear
products with similar plans for