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The first two ‘Cyclone’ Wagons being tested in Nth Qld.
A fully loaded ‘Cyclone’ Wagon consist in Nth Qld.
Together, these unique
design characteristics mean
Pacific National can haul in
excess of 200,000 tonnes of
coal more every year than any
of its competitors in a single
train consist.
Working with the CSIRO
on flow control, Bradken
engineers designed the
major feature of the wagon
– the ability to reduce the
occurrence of bridging
coal. This had been a
major problem in wagons
in Queensland service for
more than 25 years.
This feature, along with the
entire wagon, bogie and
draw gear, was fully designed
in-house by Bradken
engineers, and is now one of
many new coal and iron ore
wagon designs available to
operators nationally.
Engineered in 2007,
manufacturing began in
2008 for 694 wagons,
the first of which went into
revenue service in mid 2008.
The success of the design
resulted in an additional two
options, and today, some
1,200 wagons, manufactured
in Ipswich and Xuzhou, are
hauling coal from mines in the
Bowen Basin to seaports on
the Queensland coast.