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Dave spent just over 39 years at the Tacoma facility in
the USA. He was hired as a Ceramic Engineer and over
the years held many positions such as Methods Engineer,
Plant Superintendent, Customer Services Representative,
Customer Services Manager, Sales Manager until his final
position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for
the Energy business.
Each year at our holiday lunches you entertained the
Tacoma facility with a poem that you had authored.
Though the theme changed each year, it was always
based around the foundry. It may be about events of
the year, highlighting people within the company, or
it may be about the foundry industry itself. We won’t
forget your last poem where you contemplated if the
steel knew how lucky it was to be brought to the
Tacoma Foundry, melted by our skilled employees
and poured into our moulds, handled by all of the
truly talented employees at Bradken. You always
made us laugh and gave us an appreciation for
what we do and what we had accomplished.
Dave you will be missed. Happy Retirement.
functional, operational and
commercial experience,
Stephen brings his
executive management
experience in business
development, corporate
strategy and planning to
Bradken’s Rail Division as
it progresses from a freight
car manufacturer to a full
service provider. Stephen
holds a Business Degree
majoring in Operations
Research and Information
Mr Stephen P Cantwell
geneRaL ManageR RaiL
Stephen joined Bradken in
July 2011 with more than
30 years’ experience in a
broad range of strategic,
functional and customer-
facing roles within multi-
billion dollar national and
international business
environments. As a leading
Australasian transport and
logistics executive with a
combination of extensive
Systems from The
University of Southern
Queensland, a Graduate
Diploma in Transport
Management and a Master
of Business Degree from
The Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology.
He is also a fellow of the
Chartered Institute of
Transport and Logistics
and the Centre for
Integrated Engineering