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Mill Liner Designs
help improve BHP
Olympic Dam’s
if possible, increase the time
interval between shutdowns
all while maintaining
acceptable safety standards.
The Bradken product
design team responded to
the challenge developing
new liner configurations for
the site’s 24 ft ANI SAG
mill, and 24ft and 38ft
AG mills. The new liners
were successfully installed
into the mills recently.
Customer benefits from
the design innovations are
expected to be substantial.
The changes include:
• Significantly reducing the
number of liner parts and
rationalising the bolts used,
which will make the task
of relining the mills more
straightforward and much
less time consuming.
• Greater throughputs can
now be achieved with
the redesign of the shell
liners creating a bigger
bucket capacity (the
volume created between
the shell lifters in the mill)
• The face angles on the
liners have been improved,
which will also enhance
mill performance.
By increasing the thickness
of the liners the shutdown
cycle is expected to extend
out from 4 monthly to 6
monthly which represents a
considerable improvement
in mill availability.
With the new mill liners
fully integrated for removal
and installation by the RME
(Russell Mineral Equipment
Pty Limited) liner handler
grapple, the innovations
will also enhance operator
safety due to the substantial
reduction in the number of
liner components per mill set.
BHP Billiton’s Olympic
Dam operation, located
560km north of Adelaide,
is a huge enterprise in
anyone’s language. As the
world’s fourth largest copper
deposit, fifth largest gold
deposit, largest uranium
deposit, and with significant
quantities of silver, Olympic
Dam processes 13 million
tonnes of ore each year.
With mill performance one of
the critical factors in reaching
mine production goals, the
challenge for Bradken was
to help BHP Billiton
the time required to reline
the mills during regular
maintenance shutdowns and
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