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Step 16
Competency Assessment
and Training
To ensure that all Bradken
personnel have the required
competency to carry out
their tasks safely.
Bradken’s commitment to
safety means not only must our
employees be able to handle
the tasks they’re assigned
competently, but they must also
be able to identify and manage
any hazards or risks that may
arise in performing those tasks.
This means training is an
essential part of our safety
policy to acquire knowledge
about the legal obligations
we are all required to meet
and build skills to implement
hazard and risk control.
safety steps
16,17 &18
At Innisfail the learnings from
all the previous steps have
been combined into an easy to
use Competency Training and
Assessment package. Innisfail
JSA’s and Work Instructions
identify Safety, Quality and the
Environment as being integral
components of any process and
include them into a complete
package allowing the document
to be used as a Training Tool for
people learning new processes.
JSA’s and Work Instructions
(Step 9) become the Training
Resource Material and the Safe
Behaviours (Step 2) become
the Competency Assessment
Instrument allowing for a
seamless transition from learning
to competency. Each employee
transitions from learning a new
process where supervision
is at its maximum through to
Competency where supervision
is at its minimum with formal
Records of Assessment being
recorded and maintained.
The training matrix provides a
ready reference for Supervisors
to identify those employees
who have been trained to
perform various processes
as well as those employees
who need to be trained.
In our last newsletter we took a
closer look at Steps 13, 14 & 15
of the Bradken 21 Steps to Safety
process. In this issue, our Industrial
Division facility at Innisfail shines
the spotlight on Steps 16, 17 & 18.
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