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and Risk
Identify the
Safe Behaviour
Monitor and
Step 17
Measurement and
Reporting Processes
To provide a clear understanding
of the status of the HSE
Management, its effectiveness
and the opportunities for
improvement that exist.
Best practice management
guru, Peter Drucker is quoted
as saying “what gets measured
gets managed”. This quotation
makes a lot of sense in the
context of safety practice.
Bradken’s commitment
to measuring, monitoring
and evaluating our safety
performance helps us all make
sure what we do, and how we
do it, is in line with our stated
safety objectives and targets.
Safety performance reports
provide very valuable
information. They are analysed
and used to determine areas
of success and to identify
activities requiring corrective
action and improvement.
The Corporate Incident
Reporting and Investigation
Process is used at Innisfail.
The site also maintains an
Action Items Register which
captures Action Items from
all the various sources such
as Incident Investigations,
Safety Committee Minutes,
Pre Start Meetings, Work
Area Safety Observations,
System Audits etc.
Recently, Injury Trends were
analysed, indicating an increase
in the number of hand injuries
being sustained. A training
session was developed and
undertaken by all personnel. At
the conclusion of the training
an agreement was reached
to undertake a six week
“glove challenge” where all
personnel would wear gloves
for a minimum of period of six
weeks whenever manually
handling materials. The training
was completed in June 2011
and since then the wearing
of gloves has become the
‘normal’ and there have been
no further hand injuries.
Step 18
System Audits
To ensure the effective
monitoring of the HSE
components of the
Bradken Management
System and to examine
performance at all levels
to provide for continuous
Periodic audits are an essential
part of the 21 Step Safety
Plan. They help determine
whether the various elements
of the system, including
Bradken’s safety policy,
objectives and targets,
management program,
operational controls
and audit program, have
been properly implemented
and maintained, to make
sure that what we have in
place actually helps us be
a safer place to work.
Innisfail develops Action
Plans from the Yearly 21 Step
Audit Report. The Action Plan
identifies the actions to be taken
in order to achieve compliance
as well as the allocation of
responsibility and due date
for close out. Actions are
prioritised and where needed,
resources allocated. The Action
Plan is reviewed monthly
to ensure adherence to the
scheduled close out of Actions.
The site also has an Inspection,
Observation and Internal
Audit Schedule which is again
reviewed on a monthly basis
to ensure compliance with
the Schedule. All Supervisors,
Leading Hands and Safety
Committee Members have
been trained in how to conduct
the various Inspections,
Observations and Audits.
Compliance to the Schedule
forms part of individual’s KPI’s
and are reported monthly
via the Safety Committee
Minutes as Site Leading Safety
Performance Indicators.
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