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Following the launch of the new
Ground Engaging Tools (GET),
Rigging and Buckets range in
July, Bradken’s Mining Products
Division has achieved another
milestone with the successful
completion of the first ever scale
test of a 100% Bradken IP
designed High Production bucket.
Testing on the yet to be named
bucket was performed by GBI
(Ground Breaking Innovations)
for the Rio Tinto
Hail Creek Mine, located 90
kilometres south west of Mackay
in central Queensland, Australia.
Built by the team at Bradken’s
Ipswich facility lead by Chris
Nelson, the bucket was at 1:8.8
in scale, 135 litres in volume
and weighed 103 kilograms –
full scale this translates to 95
cubic metres in volume and 70
tonne in weight. The bucket
is to suit a dragline of about
the 100m
capacity range and
will use Penetrator GET.
Product Development Manager
GET & Buckets Jason Lunn
said that the performance of
the bucket during the testing
was impressive and received
positive feedback from the
Rio Tinto representatives
particularly in relation to the
volume of the payloads.
“The bucket has a BER (Bucket
Efficiency Ratio) of greater than
2 and was regularly moving
over 300 kilograms of dirt. In
real life this would be over 210
tonnes of dirt,” Jason said.
“From a technical perspective
higher BER’s are often perceived
as better filling buckets due
to the visual recognition of
the material heaping over the
bucket - we have purposely
covered this in the new design.”
“These results are exceptionally
good and demonstrate an
improvement in fill efficiency over
previously delivered buckets.”
The product development
team worked hard to achieve
this and other specific design
targets which assisted in
the strong performance of
the bucket in testing. Of
greatest significance was:
• Improved fill efficiency
• The inclusion of Bradken’s
proprietary Bucket
Engagement Curves which
are mathematical equations
that dictate bucket sizing
based on how fast a
bucket is required to dig
• A flat carry angle of 30
degrees which reduces load
on the bucket structure and
the dragline and rigging
assembly and continues the
Bradken design philosophy
of ‘everything in harmony’.
The new bucket design
has yet to be formerly
named. Do you have a
suggestion? Have your
say – contact Jason Lunn at with
your ideas and you could
be responsible for naming
Bradken’s latest world-class
offering to the mining industry.
Bradken's new dragline bucket is scale tested at Rio Tinto's Hail Creek Mine