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globaleyes / edition 6
Bradken’s Adelaide Foundry has
adopted a proactive approach
to this policy by creating a
community consultation pamphlet
to be distributed periodically to
members of the local community.
Manufacturing Manager of the
Adelaide Foundry, Darren Elliott
explains that the publication is
intended to inform the facility’s
neighbours and the broader
Adelaide community about
environmental improvement
programs being implemented
at the site and also to stimulate
discussion of relevant
environmental topics between
Bradken and the community.
“The role of Bradken in
the Community is to give
environmental topics in our local
area a clear voice,” Darren said.
“Through its pages, we
outline Bradken’s approach to
Environmental Management,
discuss environmental matters
as they relate to the Adelaide
Foundry, report on the
progress of our environmental
and safety improvements
and provide a forum in which
these important community
subjects can be discussed.”
The first edition, distributed
in June this year, encouraged
the community to comment
on environmental matters
or provide any feedback on
Bradken’s environmental
performance to Adelaide’s
dedicated Environmental
Officer, Rafe Pfitzner.
Rafe acknowledged that any
community feedback received
in response to the publication
would help with the continuing
improvement of Adelaide’s
environmental strategy.
“We will use any feedback
as a means of evaluating and
improving our community
engagement strategies. It offers
the community a chance to
have input into the community
engagement process, is part of
relationship building and allows us
to track public opinion,” Rafe said.
Bradken has an ‘open-door’
policy when it comes to
communicating with members
of local communities about our
environmental performance
or matters of environmental
importance. As a Company,
we strive to be a good
corporate citizen and a strong
supporter of the communities
in which we operate.
Environmental Officer Rafe Pfitzner