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For customers that utilise wear resistant
products to protect their fixed plant
equipment, knowing how much wear life is
remaining in your liners without the need
to conduct manual ultrasonic testing is a
persistent dilemma.
In line with Bradken’s commitment to
innovation and continuous improvement a
team of engineers from Bradken’s Fixed
Plant Business, championed by Senior
Design Engineer Damian Glowinski,
have developed a wear liner with an
embedded monitoring sensor that will
relay to customers how much wear life is
Known as a ‘Smart Liner’ this new
product can be utilised across Bradken’s
entire range of wear resistant materials
including ceramics, chromium carbide
overlay, white iron and quenched and
tempered steel.
So how does it work? As the Smart Liner
wears away so too does the implanted
sensor and in doing so sends data back
to a control unit safely mounted on the
outside of a chute or hopper. The control
unit calculates the data into a wear
percentage figure that is displayed on the
control unit simply showing the operator
the wear life remaining in each specified
The Smart Liner offers a number of
benefits to customers in the mining and
resources industry in any application
where liner thickness monitoring is
necessary but difficult:
Improved Safety
Liner inspections no longer need to
be conducted in potentially unsafe
environments like confined spaces inside
chutes and hoppers. The inspector can
simply check the data from the control
unit display and evaluate the remaining
wear life.
Improved Efficiency
Some applications, in particular large
hoppers, require 80 plus hours to
bulldoze the stock pile in order to view the
hopper and liners. The Smart Liner insitu
monitoring system allows operators to get
accurate “live” thickness data while the
hopper is working therefore minimising
production downtime.
Maintenance Costs
The availability of live thickness data allows
for liner change-outs to be optimised
resulting in reduced maintenance costs
and increased production.
The Fixed Plant team have conducted
successful trials of the Smart Liner wear
monitoring sensors with major customers
in Western Australia over the last two
years resulting in two large projects being
awarded with a total combined value of
over $2 million.
Bradken’s Fixed
Plant Business
has developed an
intelligent solution
aimed at increasing
safety, efficiency and
cost effectiveness for
customers looking to
improve their wear
monitoring processes.
Smart Liner control unit display
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