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Stop Valve/Interceptor Valve assembly
Place of Manufacture:
Bradken’s Tacoma, USA foundry
Final Destination:
Hudson Power Plant, New Jersey, USA
After the three valves were finish machined and liquid penetrant inspected (LPI), we assembled each
valve on a specially designed fixture for support and alignment during fabrication to each other as
shown in the picture below.
The Bradken Energy Business has entered a new stage in its development as a supplier of complex
project based components. Its success hinges on optimisation of every step in the production process
from design and engineering through to the packaging of the finished product.
Many aging power generation facilities throughout North America are in desperate need of upgrade,
refurbishment and in some cases a complete overhaul. Bradken’s ability to step up to these immediate
opportunities rests on our capabilities not only in basic foundry processes, but in project management,
concurrent engineering, finish machining, fabrication, hydro testing, coating and final packaging.
Jerry Simpson, Vice President
of Sales for Bradken’s Energy
Business takes us on a step
by step journey through the
production process for one
such project.
Step 2
Step 1
Step 3
We started with a fairly traditional foundry production sequence involving four cast components which
included minimal rough machining. Due to our extensive experience with these base materials and
configurations, our casting quality was excellent.
Following the standard Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and upgrade process, we stepped out of our
comfort zone and completed a three step finish machining operation which included stainless valve
seat inlay welds and fabrication of large support legs. The stop valve support legs were engineered for
expansion and shock absorption while in service because this valve assembly regulates high pressure
steam and is subjected to severe fluctuation as it delivers steam to the turbine.
Stop Valve/Interceptor Valve assembly