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Darryl Pyne, Mining Services Manager
for Bradken in New South Wales, said
that the expansion had not only afforded
Bradken the opportunity to fully service its
existing customers, but also the leverage
to generate and develop new business in
the region.
“The facility expansion and amenities
improvements are more than welcomed
by the team at Mt Thorley,” Darryl said.
“The employees can now undertake
all their work in a controlled welding
environment, and the diversity of project
work combined with the full utilisation of
Bradken’s entire scope of products gives
Mining Services NSW a ‘One Stop Shop’
philosophy which is unmatched by any
other GET supplier or Mining Services
The excellent potential for increased
customer workloads at the Mt Thorley
facility has also led to increased
employment opportunities at the site.
“Bradken now has the under cranage
floor space and increased workload to
offer many more full time positions at Mt
Thorley for boilermakers, apprentices and
trainees. A true career can be built not
only at the Mt Thorley site, but the facility
The new workshop can house the
largest jobs, like this CAT793 Truck
Bradken’s newly expanded Hunter Valley Mining Services facility in Mt Thorley, Australia
paint blast shed
80 tonne overhead crane
inbuilt rail system
Bradken’s new
‘One Stop Shop’
refurbishment (including
transportation of buckets to and
from site)
on-site servicing, wear monitoring
and product optimisation
sales support and dedicated after
sales service (including inspection
and reporting); and
inventory management.
can be a stepping stone to a position with
Bradken anywhere in the country or the
world,” said Darryl.
As a Company focused on the training
and education of its employees, Bradken
is committed to providing opportunities
for young people in the area through our
participation in the MIGAS apprenticeship
commitment was highlighted in May this
year with not one but three of Bradken’s
Hunter Valley based hosted apprentices
nominated for the MIGAS Apprentice of
the Year award for New South Wales/
Bradken is proud to be an important part
of the Hunter Valley mining community
and looks forward to providing continued
support to our customers in the region
and helping them drive their success for
many years to come.
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