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Started work as a Technical Trainer
Became Technical & Safety Training
2009 - Current
Took up the position of Welding
Engineering Manager in the Rail Technical
“I like my job. Seeing the technical
workers skill levels increase unceasingly,
and seeing them meet the technical
requirements of the product process
with greater and greater ease, I feel very
“Using Australian standards for welding
has been a challenge for us, but I have
enjoyed it. All of our welding procedures
are in accordance with the Australia
standards now. We need to produce
the best possible product; it is our
responsibility to our customers, to
Bradken, and to ourselves.”
Zhou Yue has a beautiful wife and one
lovely son. His wife Dongmei Yao works
for a local manufacturing company and
is also a volunteer social worker. His son
Jery Zhou is a lively eight year old who is
an excellent scholar. “My son is filled with
curiosity about Bradken and he often asks
me questions such as ‘How big are the
wagons?’ and ‘What are such big wagons
used for?’.”
Zhou Yue is a sports fan. In his spare time
he likes to go fishing and play badminton
with family and friends. They also enjoy
spending time away on family travel.
When he was 10 years old, Zhou Yue
started to learn Chinese Kong Fu from his
father. His father is a martial-arts expert,
and now he is an expert too.
“I am thankful to Bradken for providing me
an opportunity to devote my heart to the
job. Bradken has a profound history and
culture, and the quality of our products is
the unremitting pursuit of all of us,” said
Zhou Yue.
Award Winners
Zhou Yue’s thoughts on winning the
Bradken Award
“During my time with Bradken it has been
a great honor to have worked with an
excellent management team. Like all of
our staff, I have learnt so many skills from
the General Manager Lu Minyuan. The
Australian mentors also supported me so
much. Allan Chandler and other colleagues
coached me one on one which helped me
to grow and learn very quickly and made me
understand the Bradken culture and safety
& quality system in a short time. I am very
grateful to them.”
“I consider all of us, the management team
and workers, to be winners. This award is
not only for me, it belongs to all of us. Thank
you to Bradken and to all my colleagues,
and I wish Bradken a wonderful future!”
Zhou Yue
Welding Engineering Manager
Xuzhou, CHN
Years of Service:
Since Bradken commenced
operations in Xuzhou five years
ago, Zhou Yue has experienced a
number of varying roles across the
Rail manufacturing business.
Zhou Yue was presented the Bradken Award by General Manager Xuzhou
Minyuan Lu and Managing Director Brian Hodges.
Zhou Yue, his wife Dongmei Yao and
son Jery Zhou.