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“2008 saw the beginning of one of the
most exciting periods of my employment
history as a result of Bradken completing
its purchase of AmeriCast Technologies.
My fellow AmeriCast employees and I
were overjoyed with knowing we were
now part of a solid foundry organisation
with a promising and long term future,”
said John.
“I was at that time, and continue
now to be extremely thankful to have
become part of Bradken’s US based
family. I feel confident of the long term
employment futures for our employees
and for the resultant stability extended
to the communities where our plants are
“On two occasions I have had the
privilege of visiting several Bradken
locations in Australia and meeting many
of the Australian Bradken family. It was
great seeing the strength and diversity of
Bradken on a different continent – and yet
I noticed the common Bradken culture.”
Today, in his role as Corporate Vice
President – Purchasing, John works
closely with the Engineered Products
purchasing team in the United States,
the Australian-based Group Supply
team, BXT in China and the CMS group
to provide value for Bradken through
the establishment of global supply and
purchasing opportunities. He is currently
tasked with developing a CMS business
model in North America.
As far as life outside of Bradken, John is
the very happy husband of wife of 37 years
Sherry whom he confesses is the love of
his life. Together they are blessed with
three daughters, three terrific son-in-laws
and seven “marvellous” grandchildren.
Much of John and Sherry’s free time is
invested with their family. They are also
active in their local Catholic Church and
love to travel, something which they hope
to do more of once John’s working days
are behind him.
John also enjoys reading and is an avid
fan of college football and basketball.
Although he claims he is not getting rich,
John thoroughly enjoys dabbling in the
stock market.
“I was honoured to receive the Bradken
Award in 2011. I honestly believe that
there were a multitude of people who
deserved the Award more than I did,
but nonetheless I was thrilled to be the
recipient. I am old enough to realise
that no one, on any team, can succeed
without the help and support of all the
other team players and this certainly
applies in the case of Bradken Award
“I consider my work mates as more than
just fellow employees; they are truly part
of my family and I am extremely thankful
for all of the blessings that have been
afforded to me as a result of being part
of the Bradken family.”
John DeRossi
Corporate Vice President -
Atchison, USA
Years of Service:
John’s time at Bradken (and
formerly Atchison Casting
Corporation (ACC)/AmeriCast
Technologies) has been exciting,
fulfilling and full of growth
opportunities. There have been
some up’s and down’s, but overall
his experiences have contributed to
an enriching and gratifying career.
Hired by ACC as a Materials Manager for
the Atchison/St. Joseph group.
Role expanded to include corporate
purchasing responsibilities across some
20 plants.
Worked through ACC bankruptcy and
reorganisation of business as AmeriCast
Majority share of Americast Technologies
sold to Castle Harlan with Bradken
acquiring a 20% share.
2008 – Current
John’s thoughts on wining the
Bradken Award
Award winners
John DeRossi (right) receiving the Bradken Award from Tom
Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer Engineered Products.
John and his wife Sherry.
John and Sherry holidaying in Jamaica.