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Craig’s Story
Over more than three decades of
loyal service to Bradken, Craig’s
eagerness to learn and develop
his knowledge base has given
him exposure to several varying
aspects of the business.
Commenced with Bradford
Kendall as an apprentice
Took a lead role in the
implementation of the
CAD/CAM and 5-axis CNC
machine for pattern manufacture
Appointed CAD/CAM Supervisor
Relocated to Runcorn with the
CAD/CAM operation and setup
the CAM Centre
Moved into a Product
Development role with the
Mills & Crushers group
Accepted the role of Product
Support Manager for the Mills
& Crushers group
2007 – Current
Appointed Product Development
Manager for the Mineral
Processing Division
Craig and his family enjoy water skiing and wake boarding.
Name: Craig Faulkner
Position: Product
Development Manager
Runcorn, QLD, AUS
Years of Service: 31
Craig Faulkner was presented the 2012 Bradken Award by
Chief Financial Officer Steven Perry.
“I commenced my career with
Bradken (Bradford Kendall back
then) in Sydney as an apprentice
patternmaker during which time
I was exposed to a large range
of castings of varying shapes
and sizes. On completion of my
apprenticeship, I moved into the
Technical Department and at that
time Bradken had purchased its
first CAD/CAM (Unigraphics)
system and 5-axis CNC wood
router machine,” said Craig.
“Eager to learn, I was given the
opportunity to develop the CAD/
CAM technology within Bradken
to design and produce the full
range of products. Over the years,
implementing this technology
across several areas of the
business has allowed me to be
associated with some exceptional
people within the company.”
“Wanting a new challenge my
focus shifted to product support
and sales exposing me to the
customers and their operations
and giving me the opportunity to
further value add and develop
differentiated products for the
Mineral Processing division.”
“This change of direction has
given me the opportunity to visit a
broad range of mining operations
both locally and internationally
and has also allowed me to
appreciate the various cultures
that we operate in.”
Born in St George, Sydney, Craig
is the youngest of four children
and shares his birthday with a twin.
Craig has two children, Jarrod 16
and Brittany 14.
In his spare time, Craig maintains
an active lifestyle spending time
with his family and friends. They
enjoy getting away on weekends
and holidays, spending time
camping, water skiing and
Craig’s thoughts on winning
the Bradken Award
“Winning the Bradken Award for
2012 was very rewarding and a
total surprise at the time. After
spending all my working life
at Bradken, doing what I enjoy
and seeing the company change
and grow over the years, I feel
honoured to receive this
prestigious award.”
“There are many people in my
family, social and work life that
have helped mould my personality,
values and work ethic, and I owe
them a debt of gratitude.
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