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The Terex
RH400 is a
gargantuan machine weighing
in at 980 tonnes, which is very
punishing on the undercarriage.
A cluster of these machines have
been operating in the Oil Sands
in Canada for several years now
but one Oil Sands customer
was having problems achieving
acceptable service life on its
RH400 tracks. The Bradken team
was asked to design an improved
version over what the Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
was offering. So our Product
Development team took on
the challenge to help solve
the customer’s problem.
Bradken Product Development
Engineers visited the customer
and conducted a detailed
investigation outlining the
issues and desired outcome.
Investigation established that
the roller paths on the shoes
were wearing out prematurely
The Bradken team has developed
new longer lasting shoes for one
of the largest hydraulic mining
excavators in operation today.
And the product has been so
successful it has been sold to
other customers around the world.
for Bradken
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