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“The foundry will allow Bradken
to produce an additional 20,000
tonnes of crawler shoes per year
in a safe and environmentally
compliant facility” said Brian
Hodges, Managing Director
and CEO.
“Up to this time, we have been
capacity constrained in this
product line and we saw Xuzhou
as an excellent location to build
a world class foundry that
would set a new standard for
manufacturing in our industry.
We believe we have achieved
our goal with the construction
of this very impressive foundry,”
he added.
“We are pleased with the high
level of automation and our
capabilities to produce these
technically demanding products”
he added.
Mr Hodges said the Chinese
authorities have been extremely
responsive and supportive of
Bradken’s operations in their
country and this has enabled
the project to be completed
in a very compressed timeframe.
The Xuzhou foundry is impressive
by any standard. The footprint of
the main building is larger than
eight football fields under roof.
Design of the process and foundry
layout was a consolidated effort
with Bradken’s specialist staff
from all over the world participating
throughout the construction,
installation and commissioning
phases. They also acted as
mentors for the new Chinese team.
The foundry has been ramping up
production since December 2012.
“Explaining and demonstrating
our values to new staff is very
important” noted Mr Hodges.
The foundry now employs almost
200 personnel and is operated
by a local management team.
“It is Bradken’s philosophy to
employ local management in
our facilities, so we are proud to
be generating jobs for people in
Xuzhou who provide the expertise
and local knowledge crucial to
our success,” Mr Hodges said.
At each stage of the foundry process guests were shown a video
that explained each stage they were about to be shown.
Operation Manager, Tony van Zeyl conducting a facility tour.
Guests had to wear appropriate PPE to attend the tour.
Managing Director, Brian Hodges explaining the moulding line to our guest.
Guests being shown the moulding line.
Tour guide leader Keiran Taylor from the
Runcorn foundry shows our guests around.
Chairman Nick Greiner, General Manager – Corporate Development Andrew Allen and
Mechanical Manager Tang Haowei with guests in front of the opening monument.
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