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Traditional Opening Ceremony Entertainment.
Award 3
Tang Xingyu
Xu Lei
Zhou Lei
Lu Dujing
Jay Lim
Li Xiang
This group of men were
instrumental in providing
the energy and drive to
deliver the project. They
are all young men who
have made big impressions.
Award 4
Matthew Coleman
Zhang Yang
Taking responsibility for
the delivery of services was
instrumental to the project.
These guys worked with
Natural Gas, Water, Industrial
Gas and other companies to
facilitate our needs.
Award 5
Greg Newton
Yuan-Jose Marin-
These guys provided front line
technical process advice to the
design construction team and
management team. Greg has
been involved since the early
design stages, while Yuan has
provided strong leadership to
the mentors involved in system
Award 6
Andrew Allen
Brian took the opportunity
to personally thank Andrew
as leader of the project.
Without Andrews hard work,
management and long
periods away from home
the Xuzhou foundry would
not have succeeded.
Traditional Chinese entertainment during the dinner celebrations.
Andrew Allen congratulates Chaogang Li after receiving his award of recognition.
MCs for the event – Miss Lin Jia and Mr Huang Haining from the Xuzhou office.
John Saad receiving Recognition Award.
Brian Hodges acknowledged and thanked the
hard working team who worked on the foundry.
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