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Bradken employees
all over the world
raised their glasses in
celebration when the
Employee Recognition
Awards rewarded
outstanding achievers
in the company.
cheers for
outstanding peers
At ceremonies in Australia,
the USA, the UK and China,
44 people were acknowledged
for their efforts in contributing
to the company’s outstanding
The annual awards are presented
in 11 categories that reflect the
company’s specific core values,
and are awarded to people who
demonstrate these values in
their daily work practices.
General Manager Human
Resources Wayne Herbertson
said the awards highlighted the
fact that staff all over the globe
embraced the company’s
unique culture and reflected
the strong and positive core
values in their work.
Mr Herberston said the trend
of increasing nominations
continued, with more people
being nominated by their peers
for their awards.
“The increasing number of
nominations indicates that there
is growing recognition among
our employees of commitment to
our culture,” Mr Herbertson said.
He said every person who was
nominated for an award had
a story to tell about how their
dedication to their work had
led to them being recognised.
“These stories make up the
fabric of our organisation,”
Mr Herbertson said.
“They tell the tale of dedication
and innovation and why we are
world leaders at what we do.”
A potential award winner must be
nominated by a colleague and the
nomination has to be approved
by the relevant General Manager.
A Recognition Committee, made
up of former award winners,
considers all of the nominations
and decides on the winners.
The recognition awards have
been annually since 2006 and
will continue to reward staff
who help Bradken embody
our values and prove they
are “Proud to Belong”.
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