Liu Peiqian was presented with the Bradken Award by General Manager Rail Stephen Cantwell and Commercial Manager Rail Guiying (Kitty) Marriott.
Name Liu Peiqian
Position Leading Hand
Location Xuzhou, China
Service 6 years
Liu Peiqian’s Story
Liu Peiqian has been employed by Bradken
since the Company commenced
operations at the Xuzhou Manufacturing
Facility in November 2007. Starting out
as a Boilermaker in the Rail production
department, Liu Peiqian was soon
appointed to his current position of
Leading Hand, where he is responsible
for the supervision of the Boilermakers
and Welders.
Liu Peiqian says that Bradken’s culture
played a large part in his decision to work
for the Company.
“When deciding to work for Bradken, it was
the Company’s background as a successful
foreign-owned company with a reputation
for having a good working environment that
attracted me at first,” he said.
“However once I began working, the more
the Company continued to develop and
grow, the more my attention was being
drawn to Bradken’s people focused
management and its corporate culture,
values and spirit.
“The Company has also provided me with a
better platform for my own development so
that I am able to continuously learn and
improve, which has changed my own
life values.
“Working at Bradken is just like living in a big
family, as a member of which I am quite
Proud to Belong.”
“No matter how heavy the storm is, family
will be the warmest harbour in my life,”
remarks Liu Peiqian. He and his wife Hu
Xianhua have been married for 12 years and
have a 10 year old son, Liu Yuheng.
In his spare time Liu Peiqian enjoys reading
and listening to music. Although he rarely
has the chance to travel his favourite place
to visit is Huang Mountain in southern Anhui
province, China. To the surprise of many, he
is also an excellent cook!
Liu Peiqian’s thoughts on winning the
Bradken Award
“I am totally excited and surprised by winning
the Bradken Award for the Asian Region in
2012,” said Liu Peiqian. “Like a seed
growing in fertile soil, my potential is being
developed and is valued by the Company.”
“Bradken has acknowledged my
development to date in offering me this
prestigious award which has further
encouraged my dedication, heart and soul,
to Bradken.”
globaleyes / edition 12
Liu Peiqian with his wife Hu Xianhua and son Liu Yuheng.
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