from Bradken technical and product
as well as product displays and
As Business Development Manager
for Bradken’s Crawler Systems
Business Fraser Batts explains,
“while primarily intended to promote
the Ovation range, the conference
also provided the opportunity to
showcase our range of products
for both hydraulic excavators and
“Unlike most trade shows where the
audience is diverse and the message
can get lost, we really wanted
to focus on the specific mining
application and what value Ovation
could bring to the customer. For that
reason, we created an invite-only
event which was tailored to address
specific undercarriage issues faced
by our key customers in the region.”
Feedback from the conference has
been extremely positive, with those
in attendance even taking to social
media to praise Bradken’s efforts.
Fraser said that the success of
the conference had prompted the
Business to consider making it an
annual event.
“I am pleased to say that we had some
very good two-way communication
amongst the User Group and we
will see our products and services
become enhanced as a result, so we
see this becoming a regular event.”
Bradken's patented "Pillar of Strength"
Recessed pockets for safe and easy
pin removal
Ovation Crawler shoes in context
Had a great time at the
Bradken, Inc
Undercarriage conference
in Fort McMurray this afternoon. Full of great speakers and exciting
new product development discussions. I have so much new
information to process. Thank you very much for the invitation.
Christopher McRae
Undercarriage Maintenance Specialist at North American Construction Group
The Bradken team at the Undercarriage User Group Conference lead by
Fraser Batts (fourth from left) and Devon Award (fifth from left)
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