connection point
APT Pins
Larger bearings
performed with a wear life of more than
five times that of its competition. Even
with this high benchmark set, Bradken
continues to strive for continuous
improvement through design innovation
and has released a new APT Pin design
which provides an even safer means
of allowing the pins to be installed and
removed with a fully closed latched hook.
With fewer andsymmetrical components,
the design of the dump block eliminates
assembly errors (parts have no true
front or back so cannot be assembled
‘backwards’), further reducing the risk of
injury for Bradken personnel during the
pre-delivery assembly process.
Jason Lunn, Sales and Marketing Manager
for Bradken’s Ground Engaging Tools
& Buckets Business said that given the
current state of the Australianminingmarket
and the need for suppliers to provide cost-
effective solutions, Bradken’s value-adding
design innovations are providing critical
benefits to customers.
“The release of Bradken’s dump block into
the market complements the Harmonise
Dragline Rigging System, which has
already seen a number of customers
reducing their Total Cost of Ownership,”
Jason said.
“With reducedmaintenance and inventory
costs and extended service life compared
to competitor offerings, a holistic solution
has been provided through Bradken’s
continuous improvement process.”
Dump Block
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