For companies like Bradken,
operating in the engineering and
resources sectors, Intellectual
Property (IP) rights are a valuable
asset. More than just preventing
competitors from copying a
company’s products, IP is critical
to fostering an environment of
innovation and continuous
improvement and can serve as a
means of maintaining a company’s
profitability and competitive
advantage when markets tighten.
Intellectual property is an
intangible creation of the mind
which can be legally protected in a
range of ways. Patents, trade
marks, registered designs and
copyrights each protect different
types of creations in different ways.
Patents protect new inventions, be
it a machine, a process or a
chemical composition.
Trade marks protect brand related
creations such as words, logos,
shapes and colours.
Registered designs protect the
visual appearance of a product
where that appearance is new and
Copyright is automatic protection
against the copying of the
expression of a creation, but not
the creation itself i.e. copyright can
apply to technical drawings, but it
only protects the drawing itself
from being copied and not from
another party independently
creating the same thing.
Confidential information (or trade
secrets) can also be protected by
intellectual property rights. This
can include any information which
is not publically available that
provides the originator with some
form of economic advantage.
Patterns, formulas or any defined
piece of information (either written
down or entered into a computer)
qualifies as an intellectual asset
and can be protected.
While it is important for a company
to be aware of what IP it has, it is
also important to be aware of
competitors’ IP so as to not cross
their rights and to avoid possible
costly litigation.
With Bradken’s strong focus on
product development and
technology, it is important that all
employees are aware of and
understand the Company’s
expectations and guidelines in
relation to IP by familiarising
themselves with Bradken’s
Intellectual Property Policy. The
policy document is available to all
Bradken employees via Paradigm
and contains English, Chinese,
French Canadian and Spanish
language translations.
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