2015 has continued to show decline in our
business where it interfaces with Capital
Mining and Energy products. The business is
down around one third from the peak in the
mining and resources boom. Lower commodity
prices including Iron Ore and Oil in recent times
are further impacting the customers and
subsequently ourselves. We do not control the
external market for our products but must realise
that the customer is really impacted and strive to
add value so they can prosper.
Improving our quality, lead times and lowering our costs are
all doubly important considerations at this time, as is
managing our inventories and any surplus assets to
strengthen the company’s balance sheet.
We have put in place a number of facility and workforce
changes to maintain the earning quality of the business
through this period, and we continue to adjust the strategy
as things unfold. There are a number of facilities closed and
others in the process and these are difficult tasks and I thank
people for their considerable efforts.
Approaches were made to purchase the company however
this did not eventuate; it is important that we do not lose
focus when situations such as these arise, but remain
focused squarely on charting the company forward across
these challenging times and be ready and able to respond
very competitively when the market does eventually return.
Brian Hodges
Managing Director and CEO
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of Bradken’s long-serving employees has
reached the exceptional milestone of 50 Years’ service to the
Henry Wayenberg began his career at Bradken’s Wodonga
foundry in January 1965 as an Apprentice Patternmaker.
Over the years he has worked in a number of roles in both
the Patternmaking and Methods departments before being
appointed to his current role as Foundry Methods Engineer.
Henry has made an outstanding contribution to the Company
and is regarded as a team player who is not afraid to speak up
in the best interest of the foundry and who uses his years of
experience to guide his colleagues in decision making.
On behalf of all at Bradken we would like to congratulate
Henry on this outstanding achievement.
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L-R: Henry Wayenberg with Rob Golding, Technical Manager at
Bradken’s Wodonga foundry
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