members both attending the stadium for
the US Open and viewing via broadcast,
the USTA were asked to employ steel
castings in the design of the structure
not only for their strength but also
because they would provide a more
aesthetically pleasing finish over
conventionally fabricated connections
– combining functionality and beauty in
giant steel artworks.
The first node was installed in November
2014 with the construction phase of the
roof project due for completion in time
for the 2016 US Open (the retractable
sections of the roof and most of the
fabric coverings will not be added until
after the 2016 tournament).
Working alongside Cast ConneX,
Bradken has made a concerted effort
over the last few years to establish a
reputation as a leader in the developing
structural market, taking on projects like
the Queen Richmond Centre West
(Toronto, Canada) and the Transbay
Transit Terminal (San Francisco, United
States) which have required structurally
significant castings that serve a dual
purpose as architectural features.
Continuing this relationship, Bradken is
currently working with Cast ConneX to
manufacture collar castings for a
seismic retrofit as part of the Terminal 1
Renovation Program at Oakland
International Airport (Terminal 1).
The first of the nodes are installed
image courtesy of Redux/Headpress
The nodes were cast at Bradken's
Atchison, KS foundry and
machined at the St. Joseph, MO
machine shop
Artist's rendering of completed project, from ground level.
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