Mining Mobile Plant

High-quality wear parts for mobile mining equipment

Our Mobile Plant business delivers high quality, custom designed products to customers in the mining and resources, rail and transit and general industrial casting markets.

The business is responsible for the operation of Bradken’s foundries in Ipswich, Runcorn and Wodonga (Australia), Dunedin (New Zealand) and Xuzhou (China) and mining services workshops in Australia.

Our foundries:

  • Location – Dunedin, New Zealand

    Site type – Foundry (Electric arc/Induction furnace)

    Current capacity – 750T per annum

    Products – General castings up to 5,000kg; specialty castings for aluminium and steel industries.

  • Location – Ipswich, Queensland Australia

    Site type – Foundry (Induction furnace)

    Current capacity – 6,000T per annum

    Products – Fabrication and refurbishment of dragline buckets, rotary coal breakers, dragline components; iron and steel castings for various applications; machining of a large range of castings and fabrication; truck trays.

  • Location – Runcorn, Queensland Australia

    Site type – Foundry (Electric arc furance)

    Current capacity – 26,000T per annum

    Products – Crawler systems, side frames/bolsters; rail couplers/yokes.

  • Location – Wodonga, Victoria Australia

    Site type – Foundry (Electric arc furnace)

    Current capacity – 7,000T per annum

    Products – Ground engaging tools, Rail products, industrial castings; general steel castings up to 50kg.

  • Location – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province China

    Site type – Foundry (Electric arc AOD furnace)

    Current capacity – 20,000T per annum

    Products – Mill liners, crawler shoes and GET.

Markets we serve:

Brad Ward

Executive General Manager
Mobile Plant

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