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Marine and Naval Steel Castings


Bradken's Marine and Naval steel casting capabilities include: full service steel foundries and machining facilities, with a longstanding reputation for manufacturing the most complex engineered steel castings in the world. Our foundries provide a comprehensive range of Castings, Cast/Fabrications, and Machining for OEM customers in the global energy market.

From engineered concept to finished product, we provide value to our customers by manufacturing high quality, complex engineered castings in a full range of materials and weighing over 55,000lbs (25,000kg). 

  • Marine Steel Casting Qualifications: ABS, DNV, LLOYDS, NAVSEA 
  • Differentiated ability to produce Propeller Steel Castings 
  • Today, as a supplier of nuclear submarine components and municipal nuclear power castings, Bradken utilizes advanced computer technology to optimize casting design.


marine1                    Propeller                   Gearbox              

Our sophisticated manufacturing process, experience and focus on customer satisfaction; combine to create solutions for today’s most rigorous casting and machining requirements.

  • Linatron x-ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5”. BRADKEN® has extensive experience with heavy section, high specification steel castings.
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) refined alloys result in clean material with excellent mechanical properties.
  • Assisted engineering (Fabrication to casting conversions, Improving castability)
  • Patterns and tooling
  • Carbon/stainless and specialty steel castings
  • Certified ASME nuclear material manufacturer
  • Machining and value added services


  • Welders certified ASME, Sec IX, AWS D1.1, FCAW, GMAW, SAW, GTAW, SMAW
  • ISO9001, API610, 8C and 2SC, ABS marine steel castings, MMPS No. 5165, ASME QSC-2004, ASTM, NACE, MR0103, MR0175, DNV


CAN BRADKEN PRODUCE OUR Marine or Naval Steel Castings?


Alloy Steel Castings

Stainless Steel Castings

Duplex Steel Castings

Corrosion Resistant Castings

Foundry Pattern Equipment and Tooling

Ductile Iron Ni-Resist

Propeller Castings


Bow Stems

Deck Bolsters

Cast Steel Gear Cases

Propulsion Steel Castings

Cast Marine Components

Machining of Steel Castings

Anchor Steel Castings

Marine Steel Lifting Hooks

Marine Cast Steel Deck Components

Offshore Marine Castings

Military (Navy) Steel Castings

Mooring Steel Castings

Oil Platform Castings

Naval Compressor Castings

Oil & Gas Steel Castings

Oil Tool Steel Castings

Steel Castings for Ships

Nuclear Naval Steel Castings

Cast Dredge Components

Steel Castings for Dredge Applications

Steel Castings for Boats

Structural Steel Castings

Marine Valve Steel Castings

Naval Turbine Steel Castings

Marine Pump Steel Castings


"We can help solve your most demanding procurement problems."

At Bradken the emphasis is on quality. Over our collective history, we have received numerous blue chip customer awards of excellence and quality certifications. Bradken's market coverage is extensive but not limited to the industries listed above.

We challenge you to work with us, push the boundaries of imagination and combined skills. Bradken's goals include reducing your overall cost and improving bottom line results. By embracing progressive supply strategies, we can collectively provide complete customer solutions and satisfaction!