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Fixed Plant

Bradken aims to supply technically advanced wear solutions to the global market.

Our Fixed Plant specialists are focused on developing products and services to meet customer aspirations. We provide a range of engineering services and have sufficient capabilities to develop and manufacture a solution for any project. Our vast product range is continuously expanding to provide total wear solutions.

Bradken - Fixed Plant

Our products include:




Next generation ceramic wear liner range that provide up to 180% more wear life plus greatly enhanced impact resistance.
The range features the new proprietary formula Armic®, developed though Bradken's technical expertise and experience and optimised for use in hard rock mining applications.




Rubatile combines hard abrasion resistant alumina tiles with an impact resistant and abrasion resistant rubber. Rubatile ceramic liners are designed for use in moderate impact applications and severely abrasive environments found in the mining and mineral processing industries.




Range of products based on a composite white iron wear surface metallurgically bonded to a weldable mild steel backing plate. Duablock is fixed to the surface of fixed and mobile plant equipment, such as mining buckets and chutes, where protection from severe abrasion is required.




With over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of chromium carbide clad wear plate Bradken is a global market leader in this field. With a selection of different grades, thicknesses and sheet sizes to best fit a solution for high impact or sliding abrasion in fixed or mobile equipment applications found in the mining and resource industry.




Abrasion and high impact resistant product. Nihard is a white iron, alloyed with chromium and nickel, to provide a tough wear resistant material. Nihard is often cast into billets and liners and used extensively in the mining, and mineral processing industries, particularly in bulk handling situations.


Q&T Steel


Quench and tempered wear resistant steel plate provides an economical solution to an abrasive and impact prone environment. Bradken’s Q&T Steel is easily fabricated and has many applications in the construction, mining and mineral processing industries.




A complementary product which we recommend to be used to take up gaps between liners thus helping eliminate any premature wear. We offer different grades for different applications so whether it’s for a small gap or an ad hoc fast cure fix in a high wear area we will have the right product for you. Each grade of epoxy comes with a variety of ceramic particles giving exceptional wear characteristics.


For full details of all Fixed Plant products please download our latest brochure here.