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Bradken is a leading manufacturer of wear resistant products for the mining, construction and mineral processing industries. With over 30 years experience, Bradken has distinguished itself as a provider of quality products that meet customer requirements.

Bradken’s Duablock products are a composite material comprising of a chromium molybdenum, abrasion resistant, white iron casting, metallurgically bonded to a weldable mild steel backing plate. The white iron casting is a superior wear resistant product, containing hard chromium carbides, typically 1500HV, supported in a martensitic matrix.



DuaTrap made of DuaBlock 

DuaTrap made of DuaBlock


ROM Beams lined with Duablock  

ROM Beams lined with Duablock


The advantages of using Bradken’s range of block products:

  • Longer wear life: Bradken’s block products will greatly outlast Q&T steel.
  • Reduced downtime: Bradken’s block products improve equipment life and require less maintenance and inspections.
  • Easy to fit: No special qualifications required to weld. As an alternative to welding, studs can be attached on request.
  • Flexibility: Bradken can supply block products for attachment in the field as required, or they can be pre-attached to equipment at one of Bradken’s engineering workshops.
  • Adaptability: Bradken’s block products are available in a wide range of dimensions and can be adapted to suit a wide range of operating conditions.


Applications of Block Products

Bradken’s block products can be strategically placed on equipment before it enters service to prolong life in high wear locations. They can also be welded onto equipment during service to rectify wear in unexpected, localised trouble areas.


Duablock® wear bars offer excellent protection when used as tumble bars or when configured to form a rock-box. They are also used to provide protection on heavy earth moving machinery.



Duabutton® blocks are extensively used on heavy earth moving equipment, particularly on mining and construction buckets and shovels.



Microledge® blocks are attached to chutes to form rock boxes, which virtually eliminates wear to the chute structure.



Chokblock® bars are unique block products that can be formed and welded onto flat or curved surfaces. This allows Chokblocks to be used on a range of fixed plant and mobile equipment such as buckets and chute liners.



Skidblock® pads are used extensively to provide strategic protection on heavy earth moving equipment, particularly on mining and construction buckets and shovels.



Duatrap® liners are used to create a rock-box effect on fixed plant applications such as chutes and impact walls.



Grizzlybar cappings are used to protect grizzly fingers.



Duanut® blocks allow protection of nuts or bolt heads. The Duanut also offers flexible attachment options with internal and external welding possible.


 Skirt Liner  

Skirt Liners are used to assist in centrally loading conveyed material on the conveyor belt, containing spillage, and controlling dust at the transfer.




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