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The Bradken SmartLiner system was developed to remotely monitor wear. The SmartLiner system consists of sensors embedded in the wear liners. A wear monitoring cabinet periodically measures the sensors. This data is stored to a data card and can be accessed online. Users can subscribe to periodic reports as well as email alerts.

The SmartLiner offers a number of benefits to customers in the mining and resources industry in any application where liner thickness monitoring is necessary but difficult.

The system offers: 32 sensors per controller, data logging, 3G internet connection, wear mapping, wear rates, life predictions, email alerts, automated reporting and email report subscriptions.

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Improved Safety
Liner inspections no longer need to be conducted in potentially unsafe environments like confined spaces inside chutes and hoppers. The inspector can simply check the data online.

Improved Efficiency

Some applications, in particular large hoppers, require 80 plus hours to bulldoze the stock pile in order to view the hopper and liners. The SmartLiner insitu monitoring system allows operators to get accurate "live" thickness data while the hopper is working therefore minimising production downtime.

Reduced Maintenance Costs 

The availability of live thickness data allows for liner change-outs to be optimised resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased production. Wear life predictions and email alerts improve shut planning and reduce the likelihood of unplanned maintenance.

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