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Crawler Systems and Undercarriage ComponentS

Bradken provides superior componentry for the undercarriage of mining size Hydraulic Excavators and Electric Rope Shovels, direct to end users around the globe.


Ovation Shoes
Drive Sprocket
Front Idler Assembly
Load Roller
Return Roller
Pins and other components


Bradken can supply and manufacture undercarriage components for a large range of machines.

 EX2500/EX2600  PC3000  6030/RH120E  7295/BE295 2800 
 EX3600  PC4000  6040/RH170  7495/BE495 4100
 EX5500/EX5600  PC5500  6050/RH200    
 EX8000  PC8000  6060/RH340    

 Our product brands

  • DRP (Direct Replacement Parts)
  • Opti-Trak® product range developed for the Hitachi, Komatsu and Caterpillar hydraulic excavator platforms. Opti-Trak shoes are supported by Bradken's patented Pillar of Strength, exhibiting greater structural integrity for superior wear life.
  • Evolution® product range developed to overcome the shortfalls in traditional design for the Caterpillar hydraulic excavator platforms. The continuous roller path design enhancement reduces metal flow in the shoe, extending the life of the undercarriage.
  • Ultiroller® load roller range designed to achieve maximum undercarriage life with lower operating temperatures for Caterpillar hydraulic excavator platforms. The self-contained assembly provides increased safety and ease of installation on the machine.
  • Ovation® product range developed for the Caterpillar electric rope shovel platforms. Ovation shoes are supported by Bradken's patented Pillar of Strength, providing superior roller path reinforcement and increased service life.

Bradken undercarriage components for crawler systems RH170 6040 Undercarriage