Bradken developed the Ovation® range of crawler shoes and undercarriage components to provide improved performance for Caterpillar® rope shovel users. 

The Ovation shoe range has alternative materials and optional shoe lengths for the various mining conditions.
Ovation 79” and 84" length crawler shoes for heavy duty, hard rock conditions are manufactured from BKC400 material providing excellent wear resistance and uniform wear rates. Bradken’s patented “Pillar of Strength” provides roller path reinforcement and improves the crawler shoe’s ability to transfer machine loads to the ground. 

Ovation 125” and 140” length crawler shoes for high flotation applications are designed specifically for mining operations where low ground bearing pressure is required. The shoes are manufactured from BKCS30 material providing excellent impact resistance combined with the superior wear rate properties of the induction hardened surfaces. Safety and ease of pin removal on site has been enhanced with the addition of pockets specifically designed to facilitate the use of hydraulic cylinders to push the pins out of the bores.

Bradken also offers an extensive range of undercarriage components including, sprockets, idlers, rollers, and return sliders. All components are interchangeable with existing OEM components 


Features  Benefits
Roller path supported by Bradken's pillar of strength to provide greater structural integrity.  Increased operational performance and shoe life.
 OEM interchangeability. Easily integrated as replacement parts into OEM tracks.
High toughness, NiCrMo grade surface hardened connecting pins. Reduced pin failures and unexpected machine downtime.

Bradken can supply Ovation components for the following Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels;

  • CAT7295
  • CAT7495HD
  • CAT7495HR
  • CAT7495HF

Ovation Product Video                                                                                                     Ovation Product Video
Application: Heavy Duty, Hard Rock                                                                              Application: Hi-Flotatio

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