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Bradken's Intermodal designs provide unique solutions for individual customer needs and cargos. Increasingly, Australia and the world are moving away from road congestion and the resulting environmental impacts, choosing to move their product by rail.

Incorporating Bradken's premium freight rail bogies and Bradken's capacity to provide drawgear to suit every purpose, Bradken is ideally positioned to accommodate all intermodal wagon design requirements to suit your business and freight logistic needs.

Bradken is the only Australian based supplier with the capacity to design and manufacture wagon bodies, bogie and drawgear castings, and together with our network of suppliers both domestically and internationally, Bradken can provide a single source of supply.

Examples of Bradken's capacity to provide solutions based intermodal wagon designs are:

  • The manufacture of "low level" articulated skeletal wagons for vehicular transportation
  • Design and Manufacture of multi-purpose Well Wagons with the capability of carrying 18 different container configurations
  • Manufacture of narrow gauge articulated skeletal wagons with multiple wagon capacity configurations