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Innisfail, Queensland

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Italian settlement in the Innisfail district became increasingly important. The early settlers came from a number of regions of Italy, including from Veneto, Sicily, Piedmont, Lombardy, Tuscany and Friuli.

Throughout the 1920's the numbers of new settlers expanded greatly, and the Innisfail area became one of the major Italian-origin areas in Australia.

In the early 1920's, Antonio "Tony" Camuglia, a blacksmith, left behind a pregnant wife and migrated to Australia from Italy, settled in the thriving township of Boogan and in 1924 established the Boogan Implement Company. The company began producing implements for the growing regional farming community and soon established itself as a manufacturer of quality farming tools. He repaired steelwork and ploughs, shoed horses and as a self-taught vet, did a spot of horse healing on the side.

In 1936, Tony returned to Italy and brought his family to Australia. At the start of World War II Tony and his son, Charlie, were interned for the duration of the war at a camp in Adelaide, thousands of kilometres from his family and a burgeoning business. The business continued to grow and was the first company in Australia to produce cane bins for the rapidly developing sugar cane growing industry.

The second generation of the family entered the business with Joe and Charlie Camuglia continuing the fine tradition of the family. Joe took the business on and developed it to the next stage, producing fertilizer boxes and other innovative farm implements, some of which he sold as far south as the Northern Rivers District of New South Wales. He also developed wooden wagons for whole-stick cane and exported numerous products to Fiji and the Philippines.

Throughout the 1950's and 1960's rollingstock, tramway and sugar milling consumables became the backbone of the business and the company continued to develop new, innovative products for the expanding sugar industry.

From 1975, when the third generation of the family, John and Anthony Camuglia entered the business, the company began to expand and diversify from its roots in the North Queensland's rural industry to earn a valued reputation in the sugar, banana and mining industries of the State.

Today, the business supplies sugar mills with rolling stock and all aspects of their crushing componentry and manufactures trailers and field transfer points to the banana industry, including road registrable trailers, for transportation of fruit from plantation to processing shed.

The mining industry is serviced through the supply of rotary deck bushes used in drilling, to underground rolling stock, as well as general engineered and fabricated components utilised in the transportation and processing of ore.

Boogan Implement Company has the capacity to design, fabricate or engineer and machine components from light to medium heavy industry standard. Their production methods provide assurances in meeting strict contractual obligations and the provision of recurring, bulk-use items within critical timeframes. Bradken, formerly Bradford Kendall Foundries, has been associated with the Boogan Implement Company for over 50 years, in which time the companies have had a close association, with Boogan becoming a major customer of Bradken and in recent times a distributor for a range of Bradken products.

The March 2007 acquisition of Boogan was seen as a positive initiative by both companies and has provided ongoing growth opportunities for the business and the local region.